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England Coloring Pages

Coloring pages to inspire children learning about England.

Maps of England:

map of england coloring page
map of England as part of Europe
map of england coloring page
map of England as part of Britain
blank map of england coloring page
blank map of England
england coloring page
learn to print
map of England
england coloring page
learn script print
map of England
england coloring page
learn cursive writing
map of England


Flag of England (white and red):


Flag of Great Britain (blue, red and white):


England coloring book pages:

england coloring page
Big Ben and Double Decker Bus
england coloring page
Soccer Boy
(about 10 pages)
coloring page
england coloring page
Palace Guard
Queen Elizabeth coloring page
Queen Elizabeth
Shakespeare coloring page
england coloring page
Tower of London
england coloring page
Glastonbury Tor

Legend says that... it was home of the fairy folks and the King of the Fairies.

Legend says that... the hill is hollow and that it is the entrance to the underworld and Lord of the Underworld.  

Legends says that... Glastonbury is the Isle of Avalon. King Arthur was taken by a sacred boat to Avalon, after being mortally wounded by Mordred. And it is in Avalon that Arthur awaits the day when Britain requires his services as the "once and future king".

Stonehenge coloring page

Stonehenge is angled such that on the equinoxes and the solstices, the sun rising over the horizon appears to be perfectly placed between gaps in the megaliths.  Quite an amazing feat for the time it was built.

Legend says that...  Stonehenge was made when dancing giants were transformed into stones.

Legend says that... Merlin the magician built stonehenge and that it was built by him as a monument over King Arthur's grave.

Legend says that... Druids used it as a temple of worship.

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